BR Mountain Road

In 2016, Tremonton City was able to acquire the last undeveloped property along 2300 West for a minor arterial road.  Through funding from the Box Elder County Corridor Preservation Fund, Tremonton City was able to acquire an 80-foot wide corridor for a minor arterial road to accommodate future traffic from 2300 west to 1000 North (BR Mountain) and beyond.  This new road is called BR Mountain Road and is a long-term transportation facility needed to facilitate the movement of traffic on the west side of Tremonton City.   Part of the land acquisition agreement for the 80-foot corridor with the property owner, required that the City construct a portion of BR Mountain Road, since the property owner was otherwise selling the only street frontage that they had to their property to the City.  As such, the City is constructing a portion of BR Mountain Road that will end with a temporary turnaround, so that the property owner will have improved access to the remainder of their property that this City did not acquire.  This project will commence spring of 2019 and be completed before June 30, 2019.  For more information on this project please contact Shawn Warnke, Tremonton City Manager at 435-257-9504 or

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