Shawn Warnke


Shawn Warnke is a member of the UCMA Utah City Managers Association
Phone: (435) 257-9504

What does a City Manager do?

The City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer and works with elected officials as they develop policies for the City and ensures that laws and policies approved by the elected officials are equitably enforced throughout the City. The City Manager prepares the annual budget and submits it to elected officials for approval, ensures that all funds are spent properly, and that work within the City is completed correctly and within the budget. The City Manager supervises department heads, administrative personnel, and other City employees. For a complete list of the duties and functions of the Tremonton City Manager see Revised Ordinances of Tremonton City Corporation 3-925.

Shawn Warnke’s Work Effort

  • To implement programs and policies in line with the wishes of our elected officials and community leaders to achieve common community goals.
  • To faithfully perform the administrative powers and duties granted by City ordinance to the position of the City Manager.
  • To give the best effort my experience has to offer.
  • To work with dedicated City Department Heads and employees in providing community services.
  • To coordinate service delivery, to anticipate future needs, and organize work operations.