Tremonton’s Very Own “Rockwell”

NormBestofStatean Rockwell was an American artist whose paintings are enjoyed by millions in the United States and the world over.  Rockwell’s art captured the moments and emotions of everyday life and some extraordinary events in America’s past.

We too have a rich history.  It is a story of ordinary people living everyday lives;  then at some point they decide that’s not enough and they do something extraordinary.  It is our remarkable past that helps to shape who we are today.

Jason Nessen, a Tremonton native and artist,  helped us capture the legacy of those extraordinary people and events — one wall at a time. His larger than life murals can be seen all over Tremonton.  And now, others have noticed Tremonton’s murals.  Tremonton City and Jason Nessen recently were awarded the “Best in State” award for Public Art.

Below are pictures and brief descriptions of the murals that Jason painted.  Some are easy to find as you drive through town.  Some are a tucked away on the wall of a building in a quiet corner.  We like it that way.  That’s part of the fun, so take a few minutes and scroll through Tremonton’s historic murals.  Enjoy!

Driving of the Golden Spike – Commissioned 2015

125 E. Main

The driving of the Golden Spike is certainly one of the most important moments in American history. East met west on May 10, 1869 in Promontory, Utah to join the Transcontinental Railroad across the United States  This painting shows the Union Pacific’s “Jupiter” and Central Pacific’s “No. 119 shortly after the “Last Spike” was driven.  Many dignitaries and workers celebrated the “union of rails” in 1869.  In Jason’s painting there are the faces of at least three of Tremonton’s current residents hidden in the painting.  Can you find them?


1920’s Tremonton City Volunteer Fire Department – Commissioned 2015

51 South 100 West

In recognition of Tremonton’s volunteer fire department.  This mural, painted in 2015, depicts one of Tremonton’s first fire trucks and the fire fighters who volunteered their time and skill, ca 1920 – 1930.  To those who have protected our community for close to a century – Thank You.

Early Tremonton Fire Department

Midland Hotel – Commissioned 2003

41 East Main Street

On 29 March 1912 the Tremonton Commercial Club voted to organize a hotel commission. David Holmgren was chairman of the commission, which at once began the erection of the Midland Hotel which was completed in 1914.  The hotel was an important part of Tremonton’s skyline for 81 years until fire destroyed the building January 31, 1995.


Jeppesen Family Collage – 2008

60 North 100 West

The Jeppesen family has been a prominant part of Tremonton  for many years. Their businesses have served the residents of Tremonton for many years. This mural depicts what is important to them; their love of motorcycles and cars but most of all family.


1920’s Downtown Welcome Mural – Commissioned 2014

25 East Main Street

Tremonton prides itself on being a friendly and progressive town.  The visitors who came into town during the Model T era could see a hearty welcome banner stretched across Main Street.  We like to think that those who visit Tremonton today also experience a warm and friendly “Welcome” to Tremonton.


Bear River Ladies Softball State Champs – Commissioned 2015

600 North 100 West

You probably know of someone (maybe yourself) who dreamed of playing sports for a high school, college or professional team.  For many, this dream starts with playing sports at a city park.   This mural proudly illustrates a few of Tremonton’s residents who had that dream.  They played, competed and had fun at North Park as well as the other parks in Tremonton.


1st Golden Spike Rodeo, 1925 – Commissioned 2014

140 West Main

On September 24 1925, farmers and townspeople parked their cars in a circle to watch the county’s first rodeo. Over the years, the rodeo has become a major attraction at the fair. What started as a friendly competition between farmers, ranchers and the public grew into one of the oldest and most interesting rodeos and fairs in the state.