Dear Tremonton City Residents,

Mayor Vincent from Brigham City shared the letter below with me. The contents of the letter apply to Tremonton City Residents, and, as such, I wanted to pass the information forward. As we use common sense and cooperate as a community, we will continue to thrive. This letter is shared with the permission of Mayor Vincent.

“We appreciate the efforts of our citizens in being prepared and helping their neighbors the last couple of weeks. We are lucky to live in a community that has an abundance of clean water, good utility infrastructure and great citizens who care about each other. We are a strong community and will weather this storm together.

We are aware of the fear and trepidation some citizens are experiencing at this time. Brigham City Corporation is in contact with the Bear River Health Department, and we are watching the updates from State and Federal authorities to address the public health issues facing us.

The Utah Coronavirus Task Force has recommended that mass gatherings be limited to groups of 10  individuals and practice social distancing. This precaution was put in place as of today, March 16th, and includes church meetings, concerts and lecture series.

The best way to slow down the spread of Covid19 is washing your hands, maintaining social distancing (6’ apart), and staying home when you are sick.

Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox has said: “We’re not making these decision because things are really bad, we’re making these decisions before things get really bad.”

Please keep in mind there is no need to panic. There are enough challenges without making things worse. Please use care and prudence while acquiring supplies for your families and have consideration for others. We need to reach out to neighbors and be mindful of our actions.

These links can help you find more information:…/ ”


Mayor Roger Fridal


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