Winter Storm Warning

This Snowstorm has already dumped 5.75 in of snow and it is still going. We are under Winter Storm Warning through 5pm tomorrow Jan. 5. Our Public Works and Parks departments are out in full force trying to mitigate the effects of this storm. Please use cation and be safe while driving.


• Put good snow tires on your car and keep a shovel in your trunk.
• Drive courteously according to road conditions and watch out for the safety of pedestrians.
• Pay close attention to weather forecasts.
• Give the elderly a hand with snow cleaning chores. If you are getting along yourself, do not overdo, ask for assistance.
• Keep trash cans and recycling containers out of harms way. Storm conditions usually have high wind that can toss cans into the road.
• Keep hands out of snow blowers.
• Deposit snow to right (facing road) side of the driveway to prevent it from being pushed back into the driveway.
• Clean walks after the final pass of the plows.


Q. Why is snow pushed into my driveway by street plows?
A. It’s really unavoidable. We know of no other communities that can afford to remove snow from residents driveways. It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to provide such service. Keep up with what is needed to stay safe and wait until plowing operations are complete before clearing your driveway completely!

Q. Can I, as a resident, push snow from my property onto the sidewalk or street?
A. NO! Deposit snow away from Streets and Sidewalks to prevent it from being pushed back into the driveway. Please be respectful of passing motorists expecting a clear street by not putting snow back onto the street.

Q. Do some streets get more of a priority during a snow storm?
A. YES! During certain high volume traffic hours, it is imperative to keep the traffic moving on arterial and connector streets.

Q. Can I park my car on the street during winter months?
A. You can, but be mindful of winter storm warnings. Cars parked on the street during a snow storm can become damaged, snowed in and make the snow removal process even more difficult. Please move vehicles off of a public street during a snow or ice storm which has been in progress for one hour or more. Snow must be pushed back to the curb to allow for adequate travel lanes and keep the gutter and storm drains free so water will flow during thaws. This can only be accomplished when no vehicles are parked on the street during storms. All snow left under parked cars freezes in place and causes skidding dangers to unsuspecting motorists.

• Please do not leave your vehicle on the street during snow or ice storms.
• Please limit travel to trips that are absolutely necessary.
• Please do not place snow into streets. Remember, you are responsible for your contractor’s actions.
• Please refrain from skiing or snow mobiling on snow covered streets.
• Please keep a safe, minimum distance of 50 feet back from snow control vehicles.
• Adopt a Fire Hydrant nearest your house. The Hydrant is there for your protection. It may be several days after a storm before they can all be cleared.
• Please keep your mailbox 42” above the curb and slightly back from the edge of pavement and keep the post and hardware in good repair.
• Please remove all basketball hoops for the winter months to prevent damage to equipment and reduce liability.
• Keep trash and recycling bins at the edge of the driveway NOT in the roadway.
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