Tremonton City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is reaching biological capacity and new mechanical equipment is needed to increase capacity by removing bio-solids. The bio-solid handling project will increase capacity and mitigate odors that can occur during the wastewater treatment process.

Additionally, the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades will also include mechanical equipment necessary to meet the State of Utah’s new regulations for nutrient limits, which at this time are not part of the City’s discharge permit.  Specifically, the State of Utah will be requiring Tremonton to reduce the total nitrogen (TN) and phosphorous that is in the treated wastewater being discharged into the Malad River.

The wastewater treatment plant upgrades will begin in the spring of 2019 with the completion being the winter 2019, thus meeting the 2020 timeline to meet the new required phosphorus reduction schedule.  For additional information regarding this project, please contact: Paul Fulgham, Tremonton City Public Works Director at