Chapter 3.19 Secondary Water System

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CHAPTER 3.19 SECONDARY WATER SYSTEM Sections: 3.19.005 General. 3.19.010 Secondary Water System. 3.19.005 GENERAL. This Chapter covers the material and installation requirements for Secondary Water System connections. See Public Works Standard Drawings Appendix A. 3.19.010 SECONDARY WATER SYSTEM. A. Pipe Type and Classification requirements. Reclaimed Water Pipe - PVC (Purple Pigment), Class 150 (DR-18) (C-900), [...]

Chapter 3.18 Fencing Specifications

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CHAPTER 3.18 FENCING SPECIFICATIONS Sections: 3.18.005 General 3.18.010 Chain Link Fence Specifications. 3.18.015 Wood Fence Specifications. 3.18.020 Construction Fence Specifications – Wire Fence. 3.18.005 GENERAL. This Chapter shall cover the requirements for temporary construction Fencing and permanent Fencing along boundaries, property lines or open ditches as may be required by Tremonton City. 3.18.010 CHAIN LINK [...]

Chapter 3.16 Construction and Placement of Thrust Blocks

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CHAPTER 3.16 CONSTRUCTION AND PLACEMENT OF THRUST BLOCKS Sections: 3.16.005 Scope. 3.16.010 Placement. 3.16.015 Concrete Mix Design. 3.16.005 SCOPE. This Chapter of the Specifications defines the placement and the construction of Thrust Blocks where required. It also gives the mix design required for the Portland Cement Concrete required in the construction of the thrust blocks. [...]

Chapter 3.14 Valve, Hydrants and Miscellaneous Items

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CHAPTER 3.14 VALVES, HYDRANTS AND MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS Sections: 3.14.005 General. 3.14.010 Gate Valves. 3.14.015 Valve Boxes. 3.14.020 Fire Hydrants. 3.14.025 Couplings. 3.14.030 Water Service Connections. 3.14.035 Water Meter Boxes and Lids. 3.14.005 GENERAL. This Chapter covers Valves, Hydrants, and Meter Boxes, together with other miscellaneous items to be installed. 3.14.010 GATE VALVES. Gate valves shall [...]

Chapter 3.13 Manholes

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CHAPTER 3.13 MANHOLES Sections: 3.13.005 General. 3.13.010 Concrete Bases. 3.13.015 Wall and Cone Sections. 3.13.020 Iron Castings. 3.13.025 Manhole Steps. 3.13.005 GENERAL. This Chapter covers the requirements for Manhole materials and installation. 3.13.010 CONCRETE BASES. Manhole bases may be either precast or cast-in-place unless otherwise specified. Precast manhole bases shall have pipe inverts, a neoprene [...]

Chapter 3.12 Subsurface Drain Pipe

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CHAPTER 3.12 SUBSURFACE DRAIN PIPE Sections: 3.12.005 General. 3.12.010 Material. 3.12.015 Pipe Laying. 3.12.005 GENERAL. Buried drain pipe with open joints or perforated pipe shall be provided for the drains in the locations shown on the Drawings. The Contractor shall furnish and lay the drain pipe. 3.12.010 MATERIAL. Drain pipe may be perforated PVC pipe [...]

Chapter 3.11 PVC Plastic Pressure Pipe

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CHAPTER 3.11 PVC PLASTIC PRESSURE PIPE Sections: 3.11.005 Scope 3.11.010 Joints. 3.11.015 Fittings. 3.11.020 Service Connections. 3.11.025 Pipe Laying. 3.11.030 Gravel Foundation for Pipe. 3.11.035 Pipe Bedding. 3.11.040 Installation of Locator Tape and Copper Wire. 3.11.045 Pipe Sizes. 3.11.050 Cleaning and Flushing. 3.11.005 SCOPE. This Chapter applies to the furnishing and installation of PVC AWWA [...]

Chapter 3.10 PVC Plastic Sewer Pipe

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CHAPTER 3.10 PVC PLASTIC SEWER PIPE Sections: 3.10.005 General. 3.10.010 Pipe. 3.10.015 Joints. 3.10.020 Fittings. 3.10.025 Pipe Laying. 3.10.030 Gravel Foundation for Pipe. 3.10.035 Installation Requirements. 3.10.040 Pipe Embedment. 3.10.045 Tests. 3.10.050 Sewer Lateral Connections. 3.10.005 GENERAL. This Chapter covers the requirements for PVC Plastic Sewer and Storm Drain Pipe to be used in mains [...]

Chapter 3.09 Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings

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CHAPTER 3.09 DUCTILE IRON PIPE FITTINGS Sections: 3.09.005 Scope. 3.09.010 Ductile Iron Fittings. 3.09.015 Coatings for Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings. 3.09.020 Handling Ductile Iron Fittings. 3.09.025 Installation. 3.09.005 SCOPE. This Chapter applies to the furnishing and installation of Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings. 3.09.010 DUCTILE IRON FITTINGS. Fittings shall be of the short body design [...]

Chapter 3.08 Ductile Iron Pressure Pipe

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CHAPTER 3.08 DUCTILE IRON PRESSURE PIPE Sections: 3.08.005 General. 3.08.010 Materials. 3.08.015 Joints. 3.08.020 Fittings. 3.08.025 Laying Pipe. 3.08.030 Gravel Foundation for Pipe. 3.08.035 Pipe Bedding. 3.08.040 Polyethylene Wrapping. 3.08.045 Pipe Sizes. 3.08.050 Cleaning and Flushing. 3.08.005 GENERAL. This Chapter covers the requirements for Ductile Iron Pressure Pipe materials and installation. 3.08.010 MATERIALS. Ductile iron [...]