Redevelopment Agency Minutes 6-6-172017-06-21T08:48:22-06:00

June 6, 2017

Board Members Present:
Roger Fridal, Chairman
Diana Doutre, Board Member
Lyle Holmgren, Board Member
Jeff Reese, Board Member
Bret Rohde, Board Member
Lyle Vance, Board Member
Shawn Warnke, Executive Director
Linsey Nessen, Executive Secretary

Chairman Fridal called the Tremonton Redevelopment Agency Meeting to order at 8:23 p.m. The meeting was held in the City Council Meeting Room at 102 South Tremont Street, Tremonton, Utah. Those in attendance were Chairman Fridal, Board Members Doutre, Holmgren, Reese, Rohde, and Vance, Executive Director Warnke, and Executive Secretary Nessen.

1. Approval of agenda:

Motion by Board Member Rohde to approve the June 6, 2017 agenda. Motion seconded by Board Member Vance. Vote: Board Member Doutre – aye, Board Member Holmgren – aye, Board Member Reese – aye, Board Member Rohde – aye, Board Member Vance – aye. Motion approved.

2. Approval of minutes – May 2, 2017

Motion by Board Member Reese to approve the minutes of May 2, 2017. Motion seconded by Board Member Rohde. Vote: Board Member Doutre – aye, Board Member Holmgren – aye, Board Member Reese – aye, Board Member Rohde – aye, Board Member Vance – aye. Motion approved.

3. New Business:

a. Discussion and consideration of approving Resolution No. RDA 17-04 concurring that Tremont Center, LLC is eligible for reimbursement up to $898,109.55 as of May 4, 2017 for Primary Improvements/Cost consistent with The Restated Property Tax Increment Reimbursement Agreement between Tremonton City Redevelopment Agency and Tremont Center, LLC for Infrastructure Improvements as adopted by Resolution No. RDA 16-02

Director Warnke commented that Tremont Center, LLC is eligible for reimbursement up to $2.3M or $2.4M. The City has verified the eligible expenses for primary improvements. Once the secondary improvements hit, the City will share/split the reimbursement 50/50. The developer is eligible for $898K in reimbursement for work done on the canal, right-of-way improvements, and burying power lines.

Motion by Board Member Vance to approve Resolution No. RDA 17-04. Motion seconded by Board Member Rohde. Roll Call Vote: Board Member Doutre – aye, Board Member Holmgren – aye, Board Member Reese – aye, Board Member Rohde – aye, Board Member Vance – aye. Motion approved.

b. Discussion of progress and direction given to Community Studio, the Urban Design Professionals that the RDA has engaged to perform the following services: Urban Design Standards; Gateway Signage & Entry Feature(s); Main Street Streetscape Design – 250 East to 400 West; and Public Outreach & Engagement

The Board thought the community meeting for public input on Main Street went well and had a good turnout. Director Warnke stated there was a good mix of people that attended the meeting. Soren Simonsen said there were about 42 people in attendance. Mr. Simonsen noted the project is between one-third and one-half through. There is a second community meeting tentatively scheduled for June 28, 2017.

The Design Standards focus on Main Street from I-84 to the Crossroads. The gateway signage and entry features will include two (2) major entry locations that are larger and two (2) smaller ones that are minor. Another item they are working on is the streetscape. Mr. Simonsen noted Main Street has been divided into three (3) distinct districts: historic, business districts to the west and east, and the gateway corridor, which is more agricultural and industrial. There are areas that will have more pedestrian use such as the Crossroads, the core of Main Street, and the I-84 interchange. Distinct features will be prepared for the areas as well as having some common elements.

The Urban Design Standards include improvements to streets, crosswalks, bicycle facilities, and medians. The community had a lot of interest in improvements for crosswalks including elevated elements around key intersections. There is room for bicycle lanes if the lanes are narrowed a little but still within Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) standards. They are looking at medians. Another option would be a shared lane.

They will be reviewing amenities such as hanging baskets and trash cans. The community group liked the hanging baskets with banners but had mixed reviews on seating (contemporary vs. traditional). There are opportunities for public art including interactive art that could go at Midland Square. The plan can include trails and sidewalks for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Other items to consider are treatment of bridges to enhance the crossing at the Malad River and the canal. They could be highlighted with lighting and introduce people to the trail systems. The public liked the idea of wayfinding signage. The final item would highlight the architecture and trees to provide an attractive entrance and shade for bicycle facilities.

Mr. Simonsen would like input from the RDA on gateway features. The advisory committee reviewed several locations for possible gateway features. Mr. Simonsen told the RDA the proposed locations for the primary/major gateways are the green space at the Malad River and by the I-84 interchange. The suggestion for the two (2) minor locations were west of the Crossroads and by the railroad crossing. There could be another minor location by Box Elder County Fairgrounds later on. Board Member Doutre had people contact her about the existing sign south of the Crossroads. The sign should be removed because it is in disrepair. The Board would like the signage location by the railroad moved out to the corner by the fairgrounds. Director Warnke said the City does not own property at the corner by the fairgrounds or by I-84. That is something the City would need to pursue before having signs at either location.

Mr. Simonsen asked about a preliminary budget for gateway and entryway signage. The range is $3-15K for the small signs. The large gateways would have a substantial cost and have lighting elements. Each of the major signs would cost around $75K. Mr. Simonsen said there are two (2) members on the advisory board from UDOT. The Board will be visiting with UDOT about an access by the Malad River crossing.

The main area of focus is from Kent’s grocery store to 400 West. The area west of 400 West is undeveloped and Mr. Simonsen said the best approach is to develop a design standard.

Mr. Simonsen presented three (3) different options that include crosswalks, streetscape, and trees. The community meeting brought out that businesses do not like the trees on Main Street whereas the residents like them for beautification and shade. One recommendation is to eliminate the evenly spaced trees and use banners, awnings, and hanging baskets to provide shading for pedestrians. There could be clusters of trees at the intersections and the middle of blocks to open up the store fronts. The Board would like to review bike lanes or sharrows and possibly have a bike lane on 100 North to bypass the tight downtown areas on Main Street.

The Board said the sidewalks could have some special feature areas for decorative paving but the majority of the sidewalks should be standard paving. The Board would like to get started on the changes but they will need to be done as funds are available. It cannot be done all at once. The Board thanked Mr. Simonsen for coming and presenting his information.

c. Discussion and update of a professional services agreement between Jason Nessen and Tremonton City RDA to paint a wall mural of Tremonton Main Street Circa 1960’s on a building located at 145 West Main Street Tremonton, UT

Director Warnke said the paint keeps falling off the wall at 145 West Main Street. There must be a better surface before Jason Nessen can paint the mural. Mr. Capener suggested to Director Warnke to put a new surface on the wall that encapsulates the lead paint and provides a good surface for painting. One option is a surface topcoat of stucco. The bid that came back for stucco was for $8,800. Director Warnke will discuss the option with property owners and see if they would do a partnership for the stucco.

Board Member Rohde would like to see about putting a preservative on the mural at Midland Square.

4. Adjournment

Motion by Board Member Reese to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Board Member Holmgren. Vote: Board Member Doutre – aye, Board Member Holmgren – aye, Board Member Reese – aye, Board Member Rohde – aye, Board Member Vance – aye. Motion approved.

The meeting adjourned at 9:32 p.m.

The undersigned duly acting and appointed Executive Secretary for Tremonton City Corporation Redevelopment Agency hereby certifies that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes for the RDA Meeting held on the above referenced date. Minutes were prepared by Deputy Recorder Cynthia Nelson.

Dated this 20th day of June, 2017.


Linsey Nessen, Executive Secretary