Land Use Authority Board Minutes 10-12-162016-11-02T12:46:20-06:00

October 12, 2016

Members Present:
Steve Bench, Chairman/Zoning Administrator
Chris Breinholt, City Engineer
Marc Christensen, Parks & Recreation Director – excused
Paul Fulgham, Public Works Director
Shawn Warnke, City Manager
Linsey Nessen, City Recorder

Chairman Bench called the Land Use Authority Board Meeting to order at 9:10 a.m. The meeting was held October 12, 2016 in the City Council Meeting Room at 102 South Tremont Street, Tremonton, Utah. Chairman Steve Bench, Engineer Chris Breinholt, Director Paul Fulgham, City Manager Shawn Warnke, and City Recorder Linsey Nessen were in attendance. Director Marc Christensen was excused.

1. Approval of agenda:

Motion by Director Fulgham to approve the agenda of October 12, 2016. Motion seconded by Engineer Breinholt. Vote: Chairman Bench – aye, Engineer Breinholt – aye, Director Fulgham – aye, Manager Warnke – aye. Motion approved.

2. New Business:

The following items were discussed out of order.

a. Discussion and consideration of approving a preliminary Site Plan for a small commercial rental strip on 400 West – Lyle Vance

Recorder Nessen commented that Mr. Vance stated they were working on underground drain storage and do not have plans back from the engineer. They are not ready this week.

b. Discussion and consideration of approving the plans for the construction of a parking lot and storm drain basin at the Holmgren Nature Preserve Trailhead

Engineer Breinholt has a concern with the three and a half (3 ½) feet berm. If it is grass it will be steep and hard to mow and irrigation will be a challenge. Manager Warnke recalled it was set at 3 ½ feet for a headlight screen. Director Fulgham noted it will be shut down from dusk to dawn. Engineer Breinholt stated an earth berm could be lowered and they can use plantings to meet the 3 ½ feet. The highest earth berm he would recommend is a little under 2 ½ feet. City Code states the parking adjacent to the street cannot consist of a fence or wall. Director Fulgham would like the berm to not be grass. There will be grass in other areas of the parking area. The Board agreed on a two (2) foot earth berm with plantings to add height.

Manager Warnke wondered if there should be something to block the area and trail if it is not open in the winter. The Board is not opposed to having the trail open in the winter but they want something in place in case they chose to close it during the winter. Director Fulgham said they can put in 2 bollards at each entryway to the trailhead and possibly installing bollards at the entrance of the trail that can be removed if the City needs to do maintenance. The bollards can be put in after the trail is complete and they see where they are needed.

Engineer Breinholt put the completion date a week before the end of May 2017. The storm drain pond will take in the north and west of Holmgren Estates. It is sized for a fifty year storm and the wetlands can handle some if there is an issue. The storm drain pond will take out a lot of the material and grit before it reaches the wetlands. There will be a sign designating ADA parking. The street light in Holmgren Estates was positioned so it will help light the parking area. The building will also have lights on both sides. Engineer Breinholt will show a six foot concrete apron around the restrooms. There is a statement saying the park is closed until improvements are completed. The opening for bids on the canal is October 26, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. The opening for the parking lot and storm drain can be on November 1, 2016 so it will be ready to take to City Council that night.

Motion by Manager Warnke to approve the Holmgren Nature Preserved parking lot and storm drain basin. Motion seconded by Director Fulgham. Vote: Chairman Bench – aye, Engineer Breinholt – aye, Director Fulgham – aye, and Manager Warnke – aye. Motion approved.

c. Discussion and consideration of a Site Plan for Tremont Center Phase 3 – Micah Capener

Mr. Capener asked to be put on the agenda for next week. He will get the paperwork to the Board for their consideration. The Board needs the plat and bond for Arbor View Subdivision. Mr. Capener remarked they will need the engineer’s estimates then they can do the bond and record the subdivision. Chairman Bench stated they need a development agreement and fee-in-lieu. The fee-in-lieu for street lights is $1,500 and the chip seal will probably be a couple thousand.

d. Walk ins*

There were no walk ins.

3. Comments/Reports:

a. Chairman/Zoning Administrator – Steve Bench

No comments.

b. City Engineer – Chris Breinholt

He received an updated estimate for Spring Hollow. They are showing two lots in trade to Clayton Grover for development for a total of $90K in credit. Unless the lots were deeded to the City to begin with it does not work as escrow. The City removed property escrows from the code. It does not give any security to the City. The plat could be divided into two separate phases to reduce the amount needed for escrow. Director Fulgham noted the escrow was reduced because they did the base for road work and put in storm drains.

c. Recreation Director – Marc Christensen

No comments.

d. Public Works Director – Paul Fulgham

No comments.

e. City Manager – Shawn Warnke

No comments.

4. Public comments: Comments limited to five minutes.

Mr. Capener said he visited with the developer about putting in collector roads. It increases the cost so much that the numbers do not work with the bigger lots. They roads take up so much room they will need to switch from big lots down to smaller lots. The developer suggested the City pay the difference to have a collector road or he can dedicate the dirt and if it needs to be a collector road the City can pay to have it done. The developer is not opposed to the road but he is opposed to the cost.

The Board noted the curbed road is the standard for the City. Mr. Capener said it makes it hard to develop big lots because of the extra pavement and costs associated with the bigger road. Engineer Breinholt noted the subdivision is off a major highway so it must be able to handle the traffic. The Traffic Master Plan calls for a collector road there because it is a direct access to Main Street. The City would be negligent in their duties if they did not plan for that. Mr. Capener noted the vision is to have bigger lots – 1 to 3 acres.

5. Adjournment:

Motion by Director Fulgham to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by consensus of the Board. The meeting adjourned at 10:18 a.m.

The undersigned duly acting and appointed Recorder for Tremonton City Corporation hereby certifies that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes of the Land Use Authority Board Meeting held on the above referenced date. Minutes prepared by Deputy Recorder Cynthia Nelson.

Dated this 2nd day of November, 2016

Linsey Nessen, City Recorder

*Utah Code 52-4-202, (6) allows for a topic to be raised by the public and discussed by the public body even though it was not included in the agenda or advance public notice given; however, no final action will be taken.