Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

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Tremonton City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is reaching biological capacity and new mechanical equipment is needed to increase capacity by removing bio-solids. The bio-solid handling project will increase capacity and mitigate odors that can occur during the wastewater treatment process. Additionally, the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades will also include mechanical equipment necessary to meet the State [...]

Public Hearing: Economic and Market Analysis Plan and to Consider amending Septic System ordinance

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Notice of Public Hearing The Tremonton City Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on February 12, 2019 102 South Tremont Street, 5:30 p.m., or thereafter, at which time public comment will be heard and consideration given to recommending adoption of the 2018 Tremonton Economic and Market Analysis Plan and review and consider amending Title [...]

Holmgren Nature Preserve and Trail

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  A project 40 years in the making, Tremontons Malad River Corridor Trail System is finally coming to life.  Dating as far back as Tremonton City’s 1978 General Plan, it has been the City’s objective to preserve and establish a trail system within the Malad River Corridor .  This first Phase of the [...]