1.15.005 Purpose.
1.15.010 District Restrictions.

1.15.005 PURPOSE.
The purpose of this Chapter is to restrict land uses in areas of the City required to be restricted for protection of water sources in compliance with the laws of the State of Utah and to comply with the Drinking Water Source Protection Rules and Regulations of the State of Utah.


A. Prohibited Uses. The following are prohibited uses and such uses that constitutes pollution sources as defined under the Rules of the Drinking Water Division of the State of Utah or uses that the Culinary Water Authority determine to be similar or consistent with the prohibited use include but are not limited to:

1. Storage facilities that store liquid forms of hazardous substances;
2. Septic tank and septic tank drain fields;
3. Class V underground injection wells;
4. Landfills, open dumps, land filling of sludge and septage, manure piles, salt piles, pit privies, drain lines; and 5. Animal feeding operations with more than ten (10) animal units.

B. Additional Prohibited Uses. Additional and specific prohibited land uses are contained in the Drinking Water Source Protection Rules of the Drinking Water Division of the State of Utah and are incorporated herein by reference as though fully set forth herein.

C. Lot Regulations. The Water Source Protection Overlay Zone District’s lot regulations shall be the same as the underlying zoning district except as may be modified by the approval of a Subdivision, Conditional Use Permit, or Site Plan Permit.

ORD. 13-05