Pet Licensing

Dog Licenses

  • It is unlawful for any person to keep, harbor or maintain any dog six or more months old unless such dog has been registered and licensed with Tremonton City.
  • The fee shall be due January 1st of each year, and shall be delinquent after March 31st of each year. A penalty of $15.00 shall be added to delinquent payments.
  • The owner of any newly acquired dog of licensing age or of any dog which attains licensing age after March 31 of any year, shall make an application for registration and license within 30 days after such acquisition or when dog reaches six months of age.
  • A current Rabies Vaccination Certification Receipt from your veterinarian must be presented to purchase a license for your dog.

License Fees

  •  $ 30.00 In-tact Male or Female Dog
  •  $ 10.00 Neutered Male/Spayed Female Dog
  •  $  5.00 Replacement License (only if original is lost)
  •  $10.00 or $30.00 (one time fee) Dog License Senior Citizens Owner

NOTE:  Prorate of the above fees of 1/2 after July 1st.  Licenses that should have been purchased prior to July 1st will not be prorated.

Kennel Fees

  • $75.00 Kennel Fee

NOTE:  A Kennel license is for over two animals and is to include a Conditional Use Permit and application fee of $20.00.  Requires authorization from the Planning Commission/Land Use Authority Board and is restricted to Zoning Code allowance.

Dog License Application – click HERE

For additional fees, click HERE