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Tremonton City Corporation
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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas produced by burning fossil fuels, which include natural gas, coal, kerosene, oil, propane and wood etc.. Exposure to lower levels of CO over several hours can be just as dangerous as exposure to higher levels for a few minutes.


Single Family Dwellings:

A single family dwelling, heated by a forced air furnace or a boiler that burns a fossil fuel, should have a carbon monoxide detector installed on each floor level containing habitable rooms and placed so it will be easily heard and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Multiple Family Dwellings and Apartment Buildings:

Every apartment that has its own appliances that burn fossil fuels should have a carbon monoxide detector on each floor level and placed so it will easily be heard in areas and installed in accordance with manufactures instructions.

Important Information about Carbon Monoxide.

Those most at risk to CO Poisoning:
Persons with lung or heart disease
Pregnant women

The signs and symptoms of CO Poisoning:
Nausea, Vomiting
Dizziness, confusion
Trouble breathing

***If prolonged exposure continues Loss of Consciousness, Coma and ultimately Death will occur. ***

Sources that may cause CO:
Gas Furnace
Gas Water Heater
Wood Burning Stove
Gas Ranges and Ovens
Gas Dryers
Kerosene Heaters
Charcoal or Gas Grills

Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can occur if these appliances are improperly installed or maintained, damaged, malfunctioning, improperly used or vented. Furnaces, water heaters, wood stoves, and chimneys should be checked yearly by a professional service. Charcoal or gas grilles should never be used or operated inside a residence or any other enclosed structure.

If a CO detector goes off follow these guidelines:

· Call 911
· Ventilate the house and get OUT.
· Turn off fuel burning appliances if possible.
· Get fresh air.
· Seek medical attention if you have or show the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning.
· Do not go back into the building until cleared by the Fire Department.

Fire Department 10/2005