1.11.005 Purpose.
1.11.010 Permitted Uses.
1.11.015 Conditional Uses.
1.11.020 Lot Regulations.

1.11.005   PURPOSE.
The purpose of the Sensitive Area (SA) Zone District is to designate those areas within the City that possess physical and/or environmental characteristics which require regulations due to: surface or high water; susceptibility of wild-land fires, earthquake, and flood or storm hazards. Of specific concern is development in flood-prone areas, earthquake zones, landslide areas, areas of steep slope or unstable soils, and other sensitive lands. It is the intent of these regulations to avoid detrimental impacts on sensitive lands, and limit the magnitude of adverse natural forces and hazards on lands that are prone to these types of events.

1.11.010   PERMITTED USES.
Subject to any restrictions within the Flood Damage Prevention Overlay District and any federal or state regulatory agencies the following uses are permitted in the SA Zone:

  1. Tilling of the soil;
  2. Keeping/Grazing of animals;
  3. Horticulture and gardening, excluding agricultural;
  4. Public trails and parks;
  5. Storm water drainage and basins; and
  6. Public Facilities.

1.11.015 CONDITIONAL USES.   None.

1.11.020 LOT REGULATIONS. None.


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REV 04/08
REV 06/13