Public Notice – Annexation – 1000 N between 2300 W and 2000 W


A Petition for annexation has been filed in the office of the Tremonton City Recorder for the purpose of requesting annexation of a parcel of land belonging to Val Stokes for Interstate Land Holdings, LLC (Box Elder Tax No. 06-060-0093) located approximately on 1000 North between 2300 West and 2000 West and more specifically described as follows:

PARCEL OF LAND SITUATE IN SW/4 OF SEC 33 T12N R03W SLM DESCRIBES AS FOLLOWS: BEG ON THE N R/W/L OF 12000 N ST (1000 N TREMONTON ST) WHICH IS N88*38’12″E 449.06 FT ALG SEC/L FRM SW COR OF SD SEC 33 & N1*21’48″W 33.00 FT (BOB IS N88*38″12″E FRM SW COR TO SE COR OF SD SEC 33), ALG A FENCE/L N39*17’01″W 278.99 FT TO S R/W OF HIGHLINE CANAL, ALG SD CANAL FOLLOWING 4 COURSES: 1) N53*31’57″E 180.90 FT, 2) N52*38’52″E 305.01 FT, 3) N52*18’01″E 403.56 FT, 4) N52*18’08″E 393.27 FT TO W SIDE OF ROCKY MOUNTAIN TRANSMISSION LINE EASEMENT, ALG SD EASEMENT S00*47’53″E 965.43 FT TO N R/W/L OF 12000 N ST, ALG SD ST FOLLOWING 2 COURSES: 1) S82*35’06″W 96.84 FT, 2) S88*38’31″W 759.47 FT TO POB. CONT 13.61 AC.

Notice of certification was received by the Tremonton City Council on December 14, 2016. The complete annexation petition is available for inspection and copying at the office of the Tremonton City Recorder.

Tremonton City may grant the petition and annex the area described in the petition unless a written protest to the annexation is filed with the Boundary Commission at 1 South Main, Brigham City, Utah 84302, and a copy of the protest delivered to the Tremonton City Recorder by January 16, 2017. A protest to the annexation petition may be filed by the governing board of an affected entity as defined in the UCA 10-2-401, (a).

Published in the Leader: December 28, 2016
January 4, 2017
January 11, 2017

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