Tremonton City, like most of northern Utah, experienced some flooding in calendar year 2017.  One of the locations in Tremonton that experienced flooding was along Main Street between 1000 West and 2000 West.  This stretch of Main Street had been a trouble spot over the years as the storm drain lines on this stretch of Main Street had been constructed in segments for varying pipe sizes.  As a long-term solution to storm drainage, the City invested $534,000 in upsizing the storm drain lines sufficient to control stormwater at buildout for this section of the City  The Utah Department of Transportation participated in this project by contributing $130,000 to the total cost of the project.

(KUTV) Dozens of homeowners continued to clean up floodwater from their yards and homes in Tremonton, Utah, Monday. Luckily, no serious damage to people or property was reported.

“We had an over abundance of warm weather. We had rain and we had snow and ice in the fields,” said Tremonton Mayor Roger Fridal.

He said he would need to work with UDOT to widen the drainage.

“The drain lines are on UDOT property, so we have to negotiate with UDOT. We’ll talk to them and see what we can do about upgrading the lines.”

Tremonton native Jimmy Jones moved his family into the home near the fair grounds four years ago. This is the second time the property has flooded.

“When this flooded three years ago, nobody knew about it. My wife and my neighbors took care of it all by themselves, all night,” Jones said. “If it doesn’t get worse, I think it’s going to be OK. I just think it’s going to be like cleaning up all the wood, all the sandbags.”

He wanted to see the city work with UDOT to expand the underlying infrastructure and fix the drainage issue for good.

“It sounds like there’s a lot of jurisdiction issues of who’s in charge,” Jones said. “They need to figure out a drainage system. Because what we’ve been kind of thinking is pipes going from big to medium to small is creating a lot of back pressure.”