January 6, 2016

Members Present:
Steve Bench, Chairman/Zoning Administrator
Chris Breinholt, City Engineer
Shawn Warnke, City Manager
Paul Fulgham, Public Works Director
Marc Christensen, Parks & Recreation Director
Linsey Nessen, Deputy Recorder

Chairman Bench called the Land Use Authority Board Meeting to order at 9:08 a.m. The meeting was held January 6, 2016 in the City Council Meeting Room at 102 South Tremont Street, Tremonton, Utah. Chairman Steve Bench, Engineer Chris Breinholt, Manager Shawn Warnke, Director Paul Fulgham, Director Marc Christensen, and Deputy Recorder Linsey Nessen were in attendance.

1. Approval of agenda:

Motion by Director Christensen to approve the January 6, 2016 agenda. Motion seconded by Manager Warnke. Vote: Chairman Bench – aye, Engineer Breinholt – aye, Manager Warnke – aye, Director Fulgham – aye, and Director Christensen – aye. Motion approved.

2. Approval of minutes: December 16, 2015

Motion by Director Fulgham to approve the minutes of December 16, 2015. Motion seconded by Engineer Breinholt. Vote: Chairman Bench – aye, Engineer Breinholt – aye, Manager Warnke – aye, Director Fulgham – aye, and Director Christensen – aye. Motion approved.

3. New Business:

a. Discussion of Sorensen Annexation

City Recorder Darlene Hess stated she would like the Land Use Board to review annexations before they are taken to the County. The School Board is pushing this annexation through. Engineer Breinholt asked if the land issue concerning this property has been resolved. Chairman Bench stated it has as the property has been placed back in Mr. Chris Sorensen’s name. Recorder Hess stated that the piece of property has also been given a new tax identification number.

Manager Warnke asked if this location is where a future collector road is planned. Engineer Breinholt stated it is and the Land Use Board spoke with the School Board about that at a past meeting. Manager Warnke suggested making the School Board aware again about that future road. Engineer Breinholt stated he remembered the road fit into what the School Board was planning and there wasn’t an issue with it.
Chairman Bench asked if the County has reviewed this annexation plat yet. Recorder Hess stated she has sent it to the County, but they have not responded back yet. The County didn’t have the piece of property that has been placed back in Mr. Sorensen’s name assessed yet, but they have completed that now.

Recorder Hess stated the School Board is requesting the annexed property to be zoned R1-10. Chairman Bench stated that is consistent with the surrounding neighborhood. Manager Warnke stated the City has been working on annexation agreements and this may be a good annexation to have an agreement in place to discuss the collector road slated at the edge of the property and that they will need to accommodate that. Manager Warnke stated he will look at drafting that agreement.

b. Walk ins*

There were no walk ins.

4. Comments/Reports:

a. Chairman/Zoning Administrator – Steve Bench

No comments.

b. City Engineer – Chris Breinholt

No comments.

c. Recreation Director – Marc Christensen

No comments.

d. Public Works Director – Paul Fulgham

No comments.

e. City Manager – Shawn Warnke

No comments.

5. Public comments: Comments limited to five minutes.

No public comments.

6. Adjournment:

Motion by Director Fulgham to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by consensus of the Board. The meeting adjourned at 9:22 a.m.

The undersigned duly acting and appointed Recorder for Tremonton City Corporation hereby certifies that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes of the Land Use Authority Board Meeting held on the above referenced date. Minutes prepared by Deputy Recorder Linsey Nessen.

Dated this _____day of ___________, 2016

Darlene S. Hess, City Recorder

*Utah Code 52-4-202, (6) allows for a topic to be raised by the public and discussed by the public body even though it was not included in the agenda or advance public notice given; however, no final action will be taken.