Found Property Held by Tremonton Police Department

Found property is held by the Tremonton Police Department for 90 days.  Please call the police business office at 435-257-9555 if you are missing property items listed below.
You may need to provide proof of ownership to make a claim.

Property Description

Location Where Found

Case Number

Date Found

 Mongoose Bicycle  Highway 13 (Holmgren’s Produce Stand)  18-T03672  07/29/2018
 Men’s Wallet  900 West Main  18-T03869  08/10/2018
 Apple Ipad  1000 West – In Roadway  18-T03907  08/12/2018
 Cell Phone  100 West  18-T03978  08/17/2018
 Wallet/Phone Case  400 West – In Roadway  18-T04081  08/23/2018
 Cell Phone  1270 West Main  18-T04206  08/31/2018
 Shogun Safari Bicycle  500 North  18-T04505  09/15/2018