Emergency Management Coordinator Job Ad2019-05-17T15:04:15-06:00

Tremonton City is currently accepting applications for a part-time position of Emergency Management Coordinator working 10 to 20 hours per week without benefits at a starting wage of $15.79 per hour. Position manages comprehensive emergency management programs for the City of Tremonton and provides integration of emergency management programs.

Qualified candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent and two (2) years of demonstrated recent professional level experience in Emergency Management and planning, policy development, and coordination with large organizations with multiple priorities. A two (2) year college degree in a related field is preferred. Must have knowledge of emergency communications, computer systems, and applications; Hazard assessment methodology, mitigation measures, damage assessment, and resource recovery methods; Interacting effectively with representatives of governmental and other response agencies.

Please submit application and resume to the Tremonton City HR Director at 102 S. Tremont St., Tremonton UT, 84337 or email to lnessen@tremontoncity.com. Job is open until filled with the first round of application and resume review scheduled for June 1, 2019. Tremonton City is an Equal Opportunity Employer.