Youth Flag Football Leagues

2016 Schedules

Lil’ Cubs
2-4 Grade 5-8 Grade

Coaches Corner

Skills and Drills

FUNdamental Football

Fun activities will be provided to introduce teamwork, playing well with others, and listening to instructions. Very little emphasis on skills and game play. There will be no organized head-to-head competition.

Ages           Days     Time     Deadline     Start             Weeks        Fee
4-5 Yrs      Tues.     1 pm     July 29        August 16         6             $15
*Must turn 5 by September 2, 2016.

Itty Bitty Football

This level focuses on introducing the game and basic skills of the game through drills and fun activities. The focus remains on fun for the kids with team organization and basic skills being taught for the entire period.

Grade                 Days           Time      Deadline      Start            Weeks        Fee
Entering K        Mondays    4 pm      July 29        August 15         6           $20

Lil Cubs Football

Introducing your “Lil Cub” to one of America’s favorite sports and teaching them the fundamentals of football such as basic game play, running the ball, defense, passing, catching, and even routes and plays. This 6 week camp is designed to be a fun and instructional focusing on fundamentals followed by a scrimmage each week. Parents are asked to help their child and team during the program each week.

Grade                Days             Time              Deadline      Start           Weeks      Fee
Entering 1st     Mondays      Evening        July 29        August 15      6            $30

Developmental League

The youth flag football program offers a non-contact option for participants still interested in playing football with less risk for injury, yet it still requires the same focus and concentration as the tackle game on every play. In this fast paced, exciting game, kids of all sizes are throwing and catching the ball, making interceptions, pulling flags on defense and running for 50-yard touchdowns – all while having a good time, making friends, getting exercise and having fun.
Grade Days Time Deadline Start Fee
Entering 2-4 Mondays Evening July 29 August 15 $30

Tournament League

Grade                Days            Time          Deadline       Start               Fee
Entering 5-8    Mondays    Evening    July 29          August 15     $30