Youth Soccer Leagues

Youth Soccer Levels of Skill
Tremonton Recreation Soccer uses a five-level age appropriate format that grows with each young athlete.  Each level is tailored to meet athletes where they are in their playing ability, allowing them to reach their full potential.  Bypassing a level before the basic fundamental skills are learned affects growth in later levels.

Instructional Soccer Leagues

FUNdamental Soccer

FUNdamental leagues are the first introduction kids have to a specific sport.  These leagues offer the experience of sports through fun activities.  Focus will be placed on free play while helping kids practice basic coordination through running around, jumping, and throwing.  Kids begin to learn how to develop social skills through the interaction with others.  No head-to-head organized competitive games will be played during the FUNdamental leagues.

Early Registration Deadline is March 26

Ages: 3-4 year olds (4 by September 2, 2019)
Gender: Co-Ed
Cost:  $20 (Includes 4 FUN sessions and shirt)
Days:  Tuesday afternoons
Time: 10 am or 1 pm
Location:  Steven’s Park

Lil’ Cubs Soccer

This league for kids entering kindergarten in the fall of 2018.  Each game will be 1/2 practice and 1/2 game combined each week to help kids learn a new basic skill and most importantly, have fun with their teammates!

Early Registration Deadline is March 1

Ages: 4-5 year olds (5 by September 2, 2019)
Gender: Co-Ed
Cost:  $25 (Includes 6 games, a shirt and an award)
Game Days: Tuesday evenings
Location: Meadow Park

Developmental Soccer Leagues

Designed to refine the basic skills they have learned. Score and standings are not kept.

Early Registration Deadline is March 1

Leagues:    K-1st Grade Girls; K-1st Grade Boys, 2-3rd Grade Girls; 2-3rd Grade Boys
Cost:  $20
Game Days: Wednesday or Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings
Location: K-1 Plays at Meadow Park, 2-3 Plays at Stevens Park.

Prep Soccer Leagues

Designed to introduce youth to the rules that are being played in High School sports. More competitive recreational leagues where standings are kept and include a post season tournament. Sportsmanship and skill development are high priority.

Early Registration Deadline is, March 1,

Leagues:    4-5th Grade Co-Ed, 6-8th Grade Co-Ed
Cost:  $20
Game Days: Wednesday or Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings
Location:  Steven’s Park

Player Evaluations: 4-5 Grade March 15, 5:15 pm @ Jeanie Stevens Park

6-8 grade March 14, 6 pm @ Jeanie Stevens Park