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  • Utah has six four-year, degree-granting universities and colleges, including four state institutions and two private institutions.   The University of Utah, Utah State University and Brigham Young University are the largest institutions in terms of student enrollment, number of degrees conferred and research and development expenditures.  In recent years, more than one-quarter of all students either worked on graduate degrees or declar3ed undergraduate majors in science, engineering, agriculture, natural resources, mining and minerals, or medicine and pharmacy.  Total student enrollment in Utah public and private four-year, degree granting universities and colleges in fall 1994 was 108,755.

  • Utah State University: Utah State University is a 332 acre campus, located in a mountain setting 25 miles East of Tremonton.  Utah State University was established in 1888 and has been recognized as a world center for arid land ecology.   There are eight undergraduate divisions including: Agriculture, Business, Education, Engineering, Family Life, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Natural Resources and Science.  Utah State University Brigham City Regional Campus is located at 265 West 1100 South.  The campus serves over 2800 students and offers 17 bachelor degrees, 13 master’s degrees, and three associate degrees.  In addition, four licensures and six endorsements are offered at the campus.  The Dean and Executive Director is Dr. Thomas R. Lee. The Tremonton Education Center is located at 28 West 200 North.  Many classes are broadcast to this center.  For mor information about USU Brigham City Regional Campus, visit http://brighamcity.usu.edu, or call 435-734-2277.

  • Weber State University: Weber State University is a 356 acre campus located 53 miles South of Tremonton.  It is a state run institution offering programs in liberal arts, science, business education, social science and education, as well as pre-professional programs.

  • University of Utah: The University of Utah is an urban university offering 63 bachelor degrees, more than 50 teaching majors and minors, and graduate degrees in 90 disciplines.  The University of Utah’s Law, Biomedical, and Medical programs are recognized nationally for progressiveness and innovation.   Located in Salt Lake City 78 miles South of Tremonton.

  • Westminster College: Westminster College of Salt Lake City is a four-year, independent, non sectarian institution.  It offers students a choice of 25 undergraduate programs and majors as well as masters degrees in education and business administration and is located 78 miles South of Tremonton.

  • Brigham Young University: Brigham Young University was established as a private institution operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 115 miles South of Tremonton.  The University confers the B.A., B.S., B.Mas., and B.F.A degrees.  Associate, Masters, and Doctoral degrees are also awarded. The J. Reuben Clark Law School is also located on the BYU campus.
  • Salt Lake and Utah Valley Community Colleges: Salt Lake and Utah Valley Community Colleges are two year institutions which offer comprehensive curricula and training opportunities for occupation, college transfer, adult and continuing education, developmental and vocational, and other applied, technical and general education.