Box Elder District Office

Box Elder School District
960 South Main Brigham City, Utah 84302
Telephone:  435.734.4800
Box Elder School District Website

Box Elder School District serves the entire population of Box Elder County. Currently in Box Elder County there are two high schools: Bear River High in Tremonton/Garland and Box Elder High in Brigham City serving grades 10-12. The School District has recently revamped the school structure creating two middle schools which serve grades 8 – 9: Bear River Middle School in Tremonton/Garland and Box Elder Middle School located in Brigham City. Two new intermediate schools serving grades 6-7 are the Alice C. Harris Intermediate in Tremonton/Garland and the Adele C. Young Intermediate in Brigham City. The nineteen elementary schools will serve kindergarten through fifth with the exception of Grouse Creek and Park Valley schools which will serve the K-10 grades in those outlying areas.