Chapter 3.16 Construction and Placement of Thrust Blocks


3.16.005 Scope.
3.16.010 Placement.
3.16.015 Concrete Mix Design.

3.16.005 SCOPE. This Chapter of the Specifications defines the placement and the construction of Thrust Blocks where required. It also gives the mix design required for the Portland Cement Concrete required in the construction of the thrust blocks.

3.16.010 PLACEMENT. Thrust blocks are required at points where the pipe changes direction, such as: at all tees, elbows, wyes, caps, valves, hydrants, reducers, etc. Thrust blocks should be constructed so that the bearing surface is in direct line with the major force created by the pipe or fitting. The earth-bearing surface should be undisturbed. See Standard Drawings for typical thrust block details. Thrust blocks shall be designed by a registered professional engineer and approved by the City Engineer.

3.16.015 CONCRETE MIX DESIGN. The concrete mixture shall have a minimum twenty eight (28) day compressive strength of 2,500 pounds per square inch and shall comply with the requirements of Class C concrete outlined in Chapter 3.05.

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