Chapter 1.03 – Definitions

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CHAPTER 1.03 DEFINITIONS Section: 1.03.005 Definitions. 1.03.005 DEFINITIONS. Unless the context requires otherwise, the following definitions shall be used in the interpretation and construction of this Title, Title II and Title III. Words used in the present tense shall include the future; the singular number shall include the plural, and the plural the singular; the [...]

Chapter 1.02 – Non Conforming Structures, Uses, and Signs

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CHAPTER 1.02 NON-CONFORMING STRUCTURES, USES, AND SIGNS Sections: 1.02.005 Purpose. 1.02.010 Maintenance Permitted. 1.02.015 Repairs and Alterations. 1.02.020 Alteration Where Parking Insufficient. 1.02.025 Restoration of Damaged Structures. 1.02.030 A Pre-Existing Non-Conforming Use may be Continued. 1.02.035 Effect of Change of Use. 1.02.040 Expansion of Use Permitted. 1.02.045 Additions, Enlargements, and Reconstruction of Building. 1.02.050 Non-Conforming [...]

Chapter 1.01 – General Provisions

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CHAPTER 1.01 GENERAL PROVISIONS Sections: 1.01.005 Title. 1.01.010 Purpose. 1.01.015 Interpretation. 1.01.020 Conflicting Standards. 1.01.025 Land Use Authorities to Ensure Compliance with Ordinance. 1.01.030 Compliance with Approval and Standards. 1.01.035 Burden of Proof. 1.01.040 Penalty for Violating Title. 1.01.045 Legal Remedies for Violations. 1.01.050 Severability. 1.01.055 Sale or Lease of Required Space. 1.01.060 Reasonable Conditions [...]