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Public Notice – Passage of Ordinance No. 19-01

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PUBLIC NOTICE Tremonton City Council has passed Ordinance No. 19-01 amending Title 8 City Property, Chapter 8-900 Tremonton Conservation Easement and Public Access Easement of the Revised Ordinances of Tremonton City Corporation by adding additional regulations for the Holmgren Nature Preserve & Trail. Linsey Nessen, City Recorder To be published in The Leader – February [...]

Douglas Tazoi – U.S. Air Force

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He was stationed in Izmir, Turkey425th Air Base Squadron. He was riding his bicycle on a super highway about 19 miles from Izmir, he was run over by a Turkish civilian driving a vehicle.  At the time of his death 5/24/1997, he was the commander of logistics flight.  He was a graduate of the School [...]

Terrel Kimber – U.S. Army

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Terry was due for Rest and Relaxation leave at Hawaii.  Because the airport was being bombed, their plane couldn’t arrive.  His commanding officer sent them back out and a sniper’s bullet killed him March 29, 1971 in Danang, Vietnam.

James Paul Jensen – U.S. Army

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James was in Company B, 3rd Battalion, 11th Infantry Brigade when his school deferment expired in 1968, and he accepted active duty in Vietnam. He had been there less than six months when he was killed in action April 19, 1969 at Doc Phe Area, Vietnam.  The unit to which he was assigned was often [...]

Luis Godinez Cervantez – U.S. Army

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He was in Company A 2nd Division Battalion, 1st Infantry 196th Infantry Brigade serving near Nggi Le Vietnam, when he spotted enemy movement.  Immediately he alerted his comrades shouting a warning.  The entire platoon came under heavy fire.  Luis was mortally wounded July 12, 1969.  All the others were able to take cover because of [...]

Scott C. Bowcutt – U.S. Army

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He joined the navy in 1965 and attained the rank IC2.  He was assigned to the U.S.S. ‘Scorpion’ Submarine.  It mysteriously disappeared in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean May 22, 1968.  Pieces of the submarine have been found but the Navy never found out what led to its destruction.