Starting in June, Tremonton City will be constructing a new segment of 600 West from 100 South to Main Street and will abandon 650 West.  Crump Reese Motors is expanding its existing dealership located at 655 W Main St, Tremonton, UT, and such expansion plans encroach into the existing public street of 650 West, between 100 South and Main Street.  Based upon Crump Reese Motor’s expressed desire to expand their automobile and service area, the City entered into a land swap agreement wherein Crump Reese Motors deeded the new alignment of 600 West to Tremonton City and Tremonton City deeded to Crump Reese the parcel previously used as 650 West.  The City Council found good cause to enter into this land swap agreement based upon the following benefits:


  • providing a more direct entrance into the Sandlewood Acres Subdivision, allowing better traffic flow to and from the neighborhood;
  • providing the safety enhancement of a new right turn lane on Main Street for motorists that are turning into Sandlewood Acres;
  • eliminating an offsetting intersection that currently exists between 650 West and 700 West that currently does not meet the City’s development standards;
  • providing contiguous property to Crump Reese Motors to facilitate the expansion and revitalization of Crump Reese Motors which will provide additional property taxes that will be captured by the Tremonton City Redevelopment Agency to revitalize Main Street within the Tremont Center Community Development Area; and
  • revitalization and expansion of Crump Reese Motors should provide additional sales tax revenue to Tremonton City to provide general governmental services.


Attached are the construction drawings that show the 600 West improvements that are to be constructed.  For more information on this project please contact Shawn Warnke, Tremonton City Manager at 435-257-9504 or


Construction Drawings