Win this restored

50th Anniversary Edition – 53′ Customline Ford!

Donate today and Donate often for your best chance to win and to support the Food Pantry.

Tragedy can strike when least expected. The loss of a job, home, family member, medical issues, accidents or just falling on hard times… the list goes on. No one should ever have to go to bed hungry, yet it happens more than any of us realize even right here in our own community. It can happen at anytime, at anyplace, to anyone. When it does happen in our area, the Tremonton Community Food Pantry is there to help those in need. They offer valuable resources to help people get back on their feet, but they can’t do it alone. The Tremonton Community Food Pantry relies on the support, contributions and donations of our community members.

In an effort to bring more recognition to this valuable community resource, Tremonton City is hosting a drawing for a Restored 50th anniversary edition 1953 Customline Ford. Donations of $20 are being accepted for 1 ticket or $100 for 6 tickets for your chance to win this beautiful car. 100% of proceeds go to the food pantry.

Tickets are available from city council members, the Tremonton city office, booths at local events such as the fair and are now available online HERE. Donate now and donate often for your best chance not only to win this car, but to more importantly help those families in our community that might go to bed hungry tonight.